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Exactly 15 years ago today, I began my practice of Resonance Repatterning in Austin, Texas. How did it happen? Here’s my story:

Many years ago in the mid-1990s, my three girlfriends and I bought a ranch in Wimberly, TX. We were going to turn it into an environmentally sound, experimental community. They were all healers; one was a psychotherapist, one was a homeopath and one was a nurse-midwife who worked on the Cambodian/Laotian border during the Vietnam War. She could heal bullet wounds….and there was me – I was a Marketing/Public Relations/Sales Executive with an office downtown Austin.

One day they came home and asked if I wanted to take this class called Resonance Repatterning with me. No only did I say NO, I said Hell No!……and they paid for my tuition. So, I took the training in New York. After that I thought – Wow! That was interesting and no way do I ever want to do this again. I had no intention of traveling all over the country taking trainings and paying a bunch of money to be something I had no desire to be. However, a month later, Chloe Wordsworth, the founder and developer, was teaching Resonance Repatterning in Austin. I never found out why Austin, especially since she lived in Phoenix, but perhaps it was just centrally located and easily accessible from both coasts. I took her classes.

A year later, I had a profound transformational experience after repatterning myself after a troublesome issue. I felt the results in my bones and it culminated in an immediate visceral physical response. And, the issue that I repatterned NEVER came up again. I reconsidered my initial opinion and felt that I was on to something here……still I thought this would be great to do on my friends and family, if ever needed.

Then about two months later, I was going to lunch downtown Austin and ran into an acupuncturist, whom I met in our training, whom I hardly knew and she invited me to join her practice. I was totally confused and told her that hiring a full-time PR/Marketing person was a great idea, if she had the budget. “No”, she said, “I don’t want you to do Marketing, I want you to do Resonance Repatterning.”

Stunned! I thought of a fast, polite way of declining her offer, albeit gracious. I told her I was on the way to Mexico to meet with my spiritual teacher and I would inquire if she thought that I should do Resonance Repatterning for my livelihood; of course, thinking that my teacher would never recommend that. Much to my surprise, my teacher gave me a resounding YES!!!

Damn! This was the last thing I ever wanted to do. I when I came home, driving back to work on Tuesday morning, I had my usual conversation with God. I said, “God, I really think this is a crazy idea. However, if you really want me to do this, I will – and here is what I will need.” I gave God a basic laundry list of things I needed in order to be able to do this business. I needed thirty days to get certified to do the work, so I asked God specifically, to lay me off my job. That morning, I walked into the office, put my purse down, got a cup of coffee, and the phone rang – I got laid off my job. It was literally fifteen (15) minutes from the time I asked God for the favor to the time it happened.

Another Damn! Since it was the last thing I wanted to do and God said to do it, I marched into the acupuncturist’s office thirty days later and six weeks after that I was on KXAN (TV Austin) on the 10 pm news being interviewed and filmed while repatterning a woman for sugar addictions. It was a ten minute segment on the 10 pm news in 1996 – I was off and running and in a private practice.

By September, I got so scared that I was going to harm someone that I just got up and quit and closed my practice. I left town for six months. When I came back, I returned to the Marketing and Public Relations industry, even though I didn’t really like it. For five years I tried to find something that I could do to make a difference in the world for those five years I am pretty sure that I could not get a cab in NYC. My life came too an absolute standstill……………I was in my comfort zone, completely lost and confused……….nothing worked.

At the end of those five painful years, one day in July 2001, while I was doing an abundance prayer, the top of my head opened up and a movie of all the things that had happened around Resonance Repatterning was re-played in my mind and I had profound epiphany. I had this realization that I knew how to do this magical healing modality that made a huge difference in the world and the reason I was flatly refusing to do it was that I was out of my comfort zone. I was scared.

The very next day, there was another Resonance Repatterning training in Austin for the first time in five years. They let me walk in a day late and four months later, I had an office and eight months later I went to work full time in my practice where I have been ever since – Happily making a difference in people’s lives every day and, as much as possible avoiding resistance of any kind!

3536 Bee Caves Road, Austin, TX

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